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Some people ask why would I need a free roof inspection if I haven’t noticed any issues? The answer is simple. It’s because you don’t want any of those issues to pop up! Our roof inspectors are highly trained to investigate all aspects of your home’s roof to prevent you any future problems.  We look at more than just hail and storm damage. Our team at Metro Area Construction will search your entire roof for wear-and-tear that you might not yet know exist! When we’re finished inspecting your roof, we will supply you with a complete report, drone pictures (if needed) and we will certainly point out all areas of concern.

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Homeowners know that their roof is the most important part of your house. It protects you from the elements and prevents the interior of your home, including all of your valuables, from being damaged. On occasion, we encounter the homeowner that has neglected to have their roof inspected, only to end up with major damages. You can bet hail and rain aren’t the only elements that threaten your roof. There’s also high winds, snow, ice, & even UV rays beating on your roof!

We’ve been the most trusted Minneapolis roofing company for over 10 years! Our expert roofers service a 100 mile radius around the Twin Cities.

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Drone Roof Inspections Minnesota


Drone Roof Inspections

Metro Area Construction LLC has the ability to inspect your home’s roof with a drone. We have the latest drone technology that can produce HD imagary and accurate inspection results when scanning for roof damages. Drones are typically only used when a steep-pitch won’t allow for a safe inspection. Our residential roofing contractors in Cokato, can help answer all your questions and concerns.

Pro Tip: Do NOT file a roof insurance claim until a qualified roofing contractor like Metro Area Construction LLC has closely inspected your home and can provide evidence of damages.

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We suggest that most homeowners have their roofs inspected every 2-3 years simply to define the condition of the shingles or tile, flashing, vents or event the pipe-jack boot covers. As you can imagine the Sun is relentless on your roof and roofing materials degrage over time, especially pipe jack boots (made of plastics). This is one of the most common starting point for roof leaks in our area. The unfortunate thing is that damages caused from pipe-jack deterioration are typically not covered by your insurance company or policy. Damages can get very pricey when you have water coming into your home.

One other common cause for a roof leak is chimney flashing. Our expert inspection crew will sort out any loose siding, rotting wood or even crumbling grout caused by animals such as squirrels and birds. Count on our professional and courteous Minnesota general contractors for all your home improvement needs including roofing, siding and more.

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