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Is your roof leaking? Have you noticed signs on your roof or ceiling like black spots or missing tiles? If you need roof repair in Burnsville, Minnesota then Metro Area Construction has you covered! Our team of expert roofers in Burnsville, MN have the experience and the know-how to solve any problem with your roof. From simple roof repairs to a full roof replacement we do it all.

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In addition to roofing, we also offer the following installation services in Burnsville, Minnesota: siding replacement, gutters, windows & doors. We also provide professional home improvement services and roofing contractor services in Bloomington, MN!

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Your roof is one of the most important pieces of your home. Potential leaks in your roof can lead to much more financial burden down the road. Whether the cause be missing tiles or shingles, rot, or damage from the elements it is imperative that your roof is looked after and maintained. Call us now for emergency roof repair services!

The majority of Burnsville homeowners don’t realize there is an issue with their roof until it’s too late. If we discover an issue that could lead to a major leak in the future we will perform the necessary roof repairs to get your home in top shape. Call us the minute you notice any leaks or potential leaks in your home.

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If our inspection reveals there might be multiple repairs needed or if there are issues a simple roof repair can’t fix then a roof replacement would be in order. Factors like the age of your roof can play a large part in needing your roof restored. On average most roofs can go about 25 years without the need for any major repairs. After that time the likelihood of repairs and damage increases a lot.

Storm damage is another major cause for needing a roof restoration. Debris from trees or other loose objects can wreck your roof and your home. Hail can damage or even break tiles and shingles on your roof and lead to potential leaks. Older roofs are much more susceptible to damage from storms. If you suspect a storm might have damaged your roof or if catastrophic damage has occurred call us for an emergency consultation.

Whatever the reason may be for your home requiring a roof replacement you can count on the best roofing contractors in Burnsville to solve it. Contact us for a free inspection!

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You can rely on Metro Area Construction to fulfill your need for a roof repair or roof replacement. We are the top roofing company in Burnsville because of our customer service, trusted professionals, knowledge and expertise in roof repair and replacement. Give us a call today and let our fully licensed and insured roofing contractors get to work on making your roof great!

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