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Are You Planning to Install a Metal Roof?

Originally, metal roofs were seen mostly on commercial buildings. However, they are now used in constructing residential buildings, as more and more people are attracted to their known advantages, such as durability, resiliency and appeal. It is true that, indeed, having a metal roofing system on one’s abode is one good way to protect the house from damage and provide the people living in it a safe shelter from the ever-changing weather conditions. Lets take a closer look at metal roofs.

Do-it-NOT-by-Yourself Metal Roofing

If you are interested in buying a metal roof for your house, you, perhaps, are in search of various websites that offer a Do-it-Yourself metal roof installation tutorial.  Most people think this is the first step. But they are wrong. If you want a quote for metal roofing in Minneapolis, MN, contact Metro Area Construction!

Such tutorials are very risky. If the installation is not done properly, the metal roof may be prone to rust, corrosion and even damage, which can only frustrate you as a user who believed that metal roofs are durable and very dependable. Moreover, in case the roof needs frequent repairs in the future, the blame is not on the roof, but on how it is installed.

Steps in Metal Roofing Installation

  1. The first step in metal roofing installation is preparation. What do you need to prepare? Well, first in the list is the metal roof itself. Proper materials and colors must be chosen by following practical and aesthetic reasons. You can educate yourself by reading related articles on this website, which can also guide you in deciding what are you best options.
  2. The second is securing a professional service-provider who will do the installment for you. As mentioned, installing the metal roof by yourself is risky. If you install it improperly, you have nothing else to do but regret and blame yourself. But if you ask assistance from a professional, you can be sure that the roof is properly installed, or if not, you will get a warranty for it.
  3. Finding a company that conducts professional metal roofing installation is not difficult. You can ask the manufacturer directly who can recommend several service providers or you may check the Internet for some. Either way, make sure that you really are getting skilled workers who know what they’re doing and who have been in a special training for such kind of labor.
  4. Lastly, you need to prepare the tools. Some necessary metal roofing installation tools are carpenter’s hammer, pencil, tape measure, sheet metal snips, sheet metal folder, drill, screws, nails, underlayment, sealant and ladder. However, most service providers have already the complete set of these instruments. You just need to make sure that the installer that you will hire possesses all the needed equipment – you can also ask in advance if there is something you have to provide.

After the preparation, you now need to have an estimate of the expenses. True enough, metal roofing installment costs a lot. On the other hand, you can still find affordable metal roofs and contractors by checking the Internet or directly inquiring at any metal roofing manufacturers. Always know that one of the biggest contributors to the cost of your metal roof is the size and type of the roof itself. You may choose to use cheaper metal roofing materials like tin and iron, and limit the size of the roof that you will order to what is enough for the area of your house.

Making an installation estimate is important because you may present it to your contractor and use it as a starting point in your negotiations. This way, you’ll arrive at a reasonable price that will be convenient for both of you. To get a free estimate contact the top rated Cokato roofers Metro Area Construction today! Call (612) 275-5530 now!

Planning and Estimation In Action

Once you have done the preparation and the budget planning, you can now put these into action. Have the service-provider do their job; however, it is important that you put your eye on their business. The cost of metal roofing is not a joke; therefore, everything needs to be treated seriously.

To give you an overview of what to expect, here is a simple guideline on metal roof installation. Remember that this procedure is provided not to encourage you to install the roof by yourself but to help you assess the quality of work that your service provider exerts.

  • First, you are advised to remove all the existing roofing materials from your roof and make sure that everything is clean. Repair areas that need mending and then spread out a roofing felt which will be the base of the metal roof to be installed. Keep it in place using nails.
  • Using the nails, make an outline of the edge of the entire parameter where the roof will be installed. Keep a two-inch distance between these nails. Starting from the top, begin placing the first metal roofing sheet toward the lowest part of the roof. Use wood screws to secure the sheet into the slat board (a slat board is used if you are installing the metal roof over an existing roof). You can use a pencil to create a mark on the right point to insert the screw.
  • You can now position the next panel adjacent to the first one that you have installed. The second panel should overlap the first panel. There are two crimping styles that you may use: the R-Crimp and the V-Crimp. In an R-Crimp one ridge of the panel overlaps to the ridge of the other panel. In a V-Crimp, the crimp extends over the sheet under it. You may choose one between these two, and then proceed on the installment by adding panels in the same method.
  • Once the panels are all placed, you can now fasten the roof trim. The foot of every panel also needs to be secured in place with screws.
  • The installation may not end here. It may be finished by adding some metal roofing coating or paint. Doing so does not only increase the aesthetic value of the roof; it also gives some practical benefits to your house! There are some metal roof materials, like tin, that need coating and re-coating to extend their life and make them more resistant to weather changes. Aside from this, choosing an appropriate metal roofing color can enable you to save energy.
  • Cool or light colored metal roofs make the house interior cooler because they reflect a lot of sun rays back to the atmosphere; therefore, controlling the amount of heat energy that actually penetrates inside. This way, you can lessen your use of air-conditioning units and electric fans. You did not just conserve your electricity and reduced your bill, but you also helped saving the environment!

We hope that this post was informative and helpful to those wanting to learn more about metal roofing.


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Residential Metal Roofing Company in Cokato Minnesota

residential metal roofing company cokato

In case you are looking forward to purchasing a metal roof for your home in Cokato or the surrounding area, it is essential to consider the pros and cons. Weigh your options to other alternative roofing materials such as wood, tile and asphalt shingles. Below is an in depth look at the pros and cons of metal roofing in Minnesota.

Metal Roofing Advantages in Minnesota

  • Durability and Longevity  – When metal roofing is properly set up, it is due to last the lifetime of the home owner. They are not subject to corrosion, decomposition, withstand high winds, and are little weight and thus making them impact resistant. Durability goes hand in hand with inspection once in a while.
  • Performance – Due to the ability of metal roofing to reflect, heat energy will be reflected back to the atmosphere and therefore reducing the cost of cooling due to the excellent insulating capabilities.
  • Cost Savings – Metal roofing may at times be more expensive than acquiring other alternative roofing materials, but in the long run, due to its durability and longevity, you will save yourself from re-installing your roof again soon. You will end up saving your time, labor and money in the future.
  • Environment Friendliness -Unlike asbestos metal roofing does not emit harmful substances, making it suitable for the ecosystem. Asbestos roofing releases cancer causing emissions mainly rain water collected from the roof. Furthermore, metal roofs can be recycled and installed again; thus there is no dump after the end of its life.
  • Vast variety – Metal roofing has a wide range to choose from; copper, zinc, tin aluminum and steel are among the various choices. Therefore, based on your budget, style, and use, you can get your best option.

Disadvantages of Metal Roofing

  • Cost – Many people will find the cost of purchasing and installing a metal roof much higher than other roofing materials. The initial cost is a significant setback for aspiring home owners who will typically opt out of metal roofing even though in the long term it will be much cheaper.
  • Expansion and Contraction -Naturally, metal contracts and expands due to heat and cold. As a result of high heat, metal roofs tend to be wavy and at times may loosen and vulnerable to wind.
  • Noise – Metal roofs under a rainstorm have a drumming effect that is irritating. Insulating yourself against this drumming effect will be at an extra cost of applying plywood sheath under the roof.
  • Denting – The thinness of metal makes it susceptible to dents. They are deformations on metal roofs caused by being hit. Sometimes the dents will escalate to holes in the roof causing leaks in rainy days.
  • Care and Maintenance – Metal roofs are painted to prevent rusting. Sometimes the paint will wear, fade and peel off and thus periodic painting should follow up in such cases.

*Some of the most popular area where we install metal roofs including Cokato, Minneapolis, Bloomington, and St Paul.

In the market today the variety to choose from roofing materials is so broad that people often make the wrong choices of roofing materials that best suit them. Based on the above pros and cons, a home owner will make the proper judgment on whether or not to install metal roofing in Cokato.